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Simplifying Sustainability for Businesses

  • Year-round full sustainability assessment and reporting

  • Carbon footprint assessment based on GHG Protocol  

  • High-quality carbon offset credits

ZeroTrek's Sustainability Services Explained!

ZeroTrek's Sustainability Services Explained!

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Optimize your sustainability initiatives

We can help you create a sustainable business with limited resources. Our team and interactive dashboard guide you through the process, making you a sustainability pioneer in your industry.

Year-round sustainability cycle

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How it works
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Carbon footprint assessment, free of charge

In our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are pleased to offer our Starter plan at no cost. This tool empowers businesses to gain insights into their emissions, fostering awareness and encouraging eco-friendly practices.

What we offer

Black and white logo featuring a circle with a white outline and a black background, with a white outline of a globe with a leaf on top, tilted to the left and showing the continents of Africa and Europe, with the leaf on the right side of the globe and curved to the left.


  • Year-round assessments 

  • Goals setting and progress tracker

  • Insights and action plans 

  • Annual impact report

  • Carbon intensity report

  • UN SDG alignment

Black and white logo featuring a circle with a line through it, creating two sections, with the text ‘CO2’ in white in the top section and the bottom section empty, outlined in white.

Carbon Footprint

  • Emission measurement

  • Positive impact marketing package

  • Interactive dashboard

  • Insights and reduction tips

  • Carbon neutral certificate

  • Net zero goals and progress tracker

Black and white graphic representation of the impact of carbon emissions on the environment and economy, featuring a cloud with the text ‘CO2’ connected to a dollar sign and a tree with a snake wrapped around it.

Carbon Offset

  • Access to the highest standard carbon credits

  • The Great Bear Carbon Offset Project.

  • First indigenous-led offset project in Canada.

Steps to become carbon neutral

A row of five blue and white icons representing different aspects of carbon emission analysis and reduction, including emission sources analysis, carbon offset credits, carbon emission assessment, carbon reduction tracker, and becoming carbon neutral.

Explore your sustainability dashboard 

A screenshot of a dashboard from a company called ZeroTek, featuring multiple charts and graphs in dark mode with a black background and white text. The dashboard is divided into three sections: Environment, Social, and Governance, each with a gauge chart displaying a letter grade and percentage. The Environment section has a ‘B’ grade and 75%, the Social section has a ‘B’ grade and 70%, and the Governance section has a ‘C’ grade and 57%. Below the gauge charts, there are two donut charts showing the breakdown of the percentages.

Frameworks we are aligned with

GRI Standard.png
Logo for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol featuring a blue-green circle with a white arrow and the text ‘GREENHOUSE GAS PROTOCOL’ in black.
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Abstract image of a large, dark blue circle with a gradient effect on a black background, conveying a dark and mysterious mood.

Start Your Free Trial With ZeroTrek

Full sustainability guide for businesses

Graphic image of a blue circle with six smaller blue circles around it, each containing white icons representing chat, clipboard, shopping cart, refresh, trash can, and clock functions on a white background.

Sustainability practices make good business sense

An infographic about sustainability in the business world, featuring blue text and icons on a white background. The infographic presents statistics about employee and consumer attitudes towards sustainability, including that 65% of employees are more likely to work for a company with robust environmental policies and 88% of consumers want to help fight climate change.

There is no need for a sustainability expert or consultant

An infographic about the ZeroTrek's services, featuring black text and colorful icons on a white background. The infographic presents six features of ZeroTrek, including competitive pricing, high-level data accuracy and security, time-saving, sustainability, user-friendly data entry, and actionable insights and recommendations.
“Digital image of a blue background with a network of interconnected hexagons and circles in different shades of blue, with a gradient from dark to light blue, giving a futuristic and technological feel.

Your sustainability dashboard powered by Microsoft Power BI

  • Real-time data streaming, visualization, and updates 

  • Predictive power of advanced analytics using Microsoft AI 

  • Intelligent custom visualizations 

  • Optimized data management and security  

  • One of the largest and fastest-growing business intelligence clouds  

  • Extended data loss prevention and governance to Power BI users 

A logo of Microsoft Azure and Power BI, featuring a blue circle with a white border, a blue square with the Microsoft logo, yellow bars representing Power BI business analytics, and a blue letter ‘A’ representing Azure cloud platform on a white background.
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