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  • What are the steps that I need to follow for ESG assessment?
    ESG assessment has three components: environmental, social, and governance. It is crucial to complete each of these assessments in the specified order. Additionally, ensure that you use the same email address for all assessments. Upon submission of the final assessment (social), you will receive an email confirmation along with the date on which your ESG report will be available on your dashboard.
  • Does an ESG assessment consider all locations and facilities operated by a company?
    Yes, the ESG assessment considers all data aggregated under your company. To ensure accuracy, please make sure your data represents the entire company when completing the assessment.
  • What are the benefits of ZeroTrek’s Essential package?
    The Essential package is your comprehensive guide to sustainability. It includes a carbon emission assessment, analysis of emission sources, and an emission reduction assessment. You’ll also have access to carbon offset projects. Additionally, the package provides an ESG assessment and scores, ESG insights, a Positive Impact Marketing Package, and an Annual Performance Report. For more benefits, please see our Plans & Pricing page.
  • Why ZeroTrek’s dashboards are built on Microsoft Power BI?
    Microsoft Power BI is a leading business intelligence platform that combines an intuitive user experience with industry-leading advanced analytics. Organizations can bring together data to analyze in seconds and uncover deep insights with built-in AI capabilities—all with the industry-leading security and performance of the Power Platform and Azure. These features help us deliver an all-in-one interactive sustainability dashboard for your company.
  • What are the benefits of ZeroTrek’s Starter package?
    Our Starter package is the perfect solution for companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions and work towards becoming carbon neutral. This comprehensive guide includes a carbon emission assessment, an analysis of emission sources, and an emission reduction assessment. Additionally, you’ll have access to reliable carbon offset projects to help you achieve your goals.
  • What are the steps that I need to follow for Carbon Footprint assessment?
    To begin your Carbon Footprint assessment, visit the assessment page in your dashboard. You’ll find helpful guidelines to assist you in answering any questions you may have. For best results, we recommend that someone with a thorough understanding of your company’s operations completes the assessment.
  • Can I track my company’s emissions over time using the starter package?
    Yes, you can! One of the key features of the starter package is the ability to assess emission reduction and track progress over time.
  • How Can My Business Become Carbon Neutral?
    If your company wants to become carbon neutral each year, you need to buy an equivalent amount of carbon offsets to your annual greenhouse gas emissions each year.
  • How are the carbon offsets verified?
    The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project is an Improved Forest Management project, validated by the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP) with offsets listed on the BC Carbon Registry.
  • Are offsets sold to just one buyer?
    Each carbon offset has a serial number and when you purchase your offset, it is ‘retired’ (marked as sold) on the BC Carbon Registry. This ensures it is not resold to anyone else.
  • What is the impact of my investment in the Great Bear Carbon Offset Project?
    Revenues from the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project are distributed to participating coastal First Nations and contribute directly to the development of a conservation economy.
  • How do I know my data will be safe and secure? Or What measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of my data?
    At ZeroTrek, we understand the importance of data security. That’s why we use Microsoft Power BI and Azure Cloud Platform to optimize data management and ensure the highest level of protection. With ZeroTrek, you can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands.
  • Do you share my data with third party entities?
    Never, we only use your data for the services related to your plan with us.
  • Free trial
    Experience the full range of features and functionalities that ZeroTrek has to offer with our 7-day free trial. After the trial period, your paid subscription plan will begin, giving you continued access to all the benefits of our service.
  • Plans
    ZeroTrek offers two subscription plans to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. The Starter plan includes a carbon footprint assessment, analysis, and an emission reduction plan. The Essential package builds on the Starter plan by adding a full sustainability guide, ESG assessment and insights, a comprehensive sustainability dashboard and scores, and an Annual Performance Report. Choose the plan that best fits your business needs and start making a positive impact on the environment today.
  • Upgrade and cancelation
    You have the flexibility to switch between the Starter and Essential packages at any time. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so easily from the ‘My Subscription’ page in your dashboard.
  • Toolkits and guidelines
    Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. However, we understand that sustainability concepts can be complex and constantly evolving. To help you navigate the data entry assessments, dashboards, and reports, we provide specific toolkits and guidelines.
  • Technical support
    If you experience any technical difficulties, please contact us through support and our team will assist you shortly.
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