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Environmental | Social | Governance

ESG is important for various reasons; from responding to investor pressure and managing financial risks to reducing costs and waste and improving public relations. Every company contends with ESG issues and neglecting them can significantly increase the risk of experiencing negative incidents or controversies. Discover the key benefits included in the Premium package offered by ZeroTrek.

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Carbon Footprint

Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is not only the responsible choice, but it’s also a savvy business decision. By investing in quality carbon credits, your company can become carbon neutral while transitioning away from fossil fuels. This not only benefits the environment but also supports worthy causes and helps create a better world. It’s a win-win for your company, society, and the planet. Discover how to measure, track, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint with ZeroTrek’s comprehensive Essential package.

Carbon Emission Assessment

To become carbon neutral, businesses must measure their carbon footprint and develop a reduction and offsetting plan based on their impact. With ZeroTrek, you can do it all, our easy-to-use assessment guides you through your carbon footprint assessment. 

ZeroTrek’s carbon footprint calculator is designed based on GHG Protocol; the world's most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards for companies. 

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Scope 1

Direct GHG emissions - emissions from fuel consumption. Stationary and Mobile Combustion.

Electricity indirect GHG emissions - purchased electricity based on your location. 

Scope 2

Other indirect GHG emissions - employee commute, business travel, waste management and recycling, logistics (upstream, downstream)

Scope 3

Frequent carbon reduction assessment and progress tracker 

Our monthly/quarterly carbon reduction assessments enable you to track your progress, analyze your performance and offer tailored recommendations for further reductions. With our advanced assessment tool, you’ll get a comprehensive understanding of your emission trajectory across your operations.  

Screenshot of ZeroTek’s progress tracker dashboard in dark mode, showing line graphs for project progress over time in two locations: New York, New York, USA; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Screenshot of ZeroTrek’s carbon footprint report on a blue background, showing total emissions, locations, emissions decreased, top performance, room for improvement, progress tracker, and carbon neutral report.

Carbon footprint dashboard

ZeroTrek’s Carbon Footprint Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to help businesses understand and reduce their emissions. Our dynamic dashboard provides a detailed emissions report with comprehensive insights into the sources of your emissions, as well as a location and scope breakdown. Additionally, we offer an insightful action plan to help you reduce your emissions throughout your company. Your Carbon Footprint Dashboard is built on the Microsoft Power BI platform, to optimize data management and security. 

Positive impact marketing package

Ensure that all your customers and partners are aware of your company’s commitment to sustainability and positive impact on both people and the planet. We will provide you with data visualizations that showcase your greatest achievements, positioning you as a leader in your industry.  

An infographic titled ‘CO2 Reduction Progress’ with three circular images representing Carbon Forest, Green Building, and Industrial Pollution, and a line graph showing the progress of CO2 reduction in tons from January to December for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 on a blue background with white circles.
“An infographic with a blue background and white text titled ‘SHOWCASING YOUR BEST’ featuring five purple circles with white checkmarks and text highlighting ways to showcase sustainability, including collaborating with value chain partners, considering carbon footprint, exploring circular economy, and investing in nature-based solutions.
The logo for the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative, featuring a stylized bear head in red and white on the left and the text ‘COASTAL FIRST NATIONS’ and ‘GREAT BEAR INITIATIVE’ in white on the right, on a red background.

Access to the highest standard carbon credits

ZeroTrek provides accredited projects verified by the highest standards. Our current project, The Great Bear Forest Carbon project, is the largest forest sequestration initiative in Canada. The Great Bear is validated under BC’s Forest Carbon Offset Protocol (FCOP). The carbon offsets are listed on the BC Carbon Registry which ensures our offsets can be tracked from verification to retirement transparently and publicly. 

Carbon neutral certificate

ZeroTrek provides businesses that fully offset their emissions with a certified carbon-neutral logo. Use this logo in your marketing strategy to demonstrate your commitment to carbon neutrality to your customers.

A digital image of a blue background with a white and green logo reading ‘Carbon Neutral’ with a leaf in the center, and text indicating the company’s name, carbon neutrality since 2021, and scopes 1, 2, and 3. The image also includes the text ‘ZeroTrek 2023’ and a graphic of a clipboard.
Management (10).png

Carbon Offsetts

Offsetting emissions is a viable option for achieving a carbon-neutral position. By investing in reliable and effective carbon offsetting projects, your company can make a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change. 

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