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Full Sustainability Guide Grant

Get $3,000 worth of Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Management services; ZeroTrek is proud to provide grants to purpose-driven organizations working to make the world a better place.

Applications Are Open until May 17, 2024 midnight PST. 

Grant Winners

Grant winners will receive a 75% discount on one year of ZeroTrek's Premium plan and will receive the full range of benefits, including an Annual Impact report, a Positive Impact Marketing package, Carbon Footprint Measurements, and many more.

Apply Now

Thank you. We will reach out to you shortly.

What's included in Premium plan

Annual Impact Report

Annual Performance Report details your accomplishments in the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Governance.

Carbon Intensity

ZeroTrek measures your carbon intensity to help you manage potential risks.

Marketing Package

ZeroTrek provides you with data visualizations that showcase your greatest achievements, positioning you as a leader in your industry.  

ESG Scores and Insights

Assess your company’s environmental, social, and governance impacts with our sustainability tool. Get scores for each area to track progress and guide improvements.

UN SDG Alignment

ZeroTrek helps your company identify its contributions to the SDGs and explore potential opportunities to stay ahead of industry peers.

Carbon Footprint Dashboard

Our dynamic dashboard provides a detailed emissions report with comprehensive insights into the sources of your emissions, as well as a location and scope breakdown.

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