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Introducing ZeroTrek’s Services

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

At ZeroTrek, we are committed to helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance in the areas of ESG, carbon footprint management, and carbon offsetting.


Our ESG services include year-round ESG assessment, an interactive ESG dashboard, ESG insights and action plans. With these tools, you can monitor your progress toward your sustainability goals and make informed decisions about how to improve your performance.

Carbon Footprint

Our carbon footprint services include emissions measurement, an interactive dashboard, insights and reduction tips, and frequent emission reduction assessments. These tools allow you to accurately measure your carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it.

Carbon Offset

In addition to helping you reduce your carbon footprint, we also offer carbon offset services through the Great Bear Carbon Offset Project. This is Canada's first indigenous-led offset project, providing a unique opportunity to support sustainable development while offsetting your emissions.

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